Our Story

     R.A.W. & The Master Plan is bringing the old school and the new together, with a blend of eclectic and soulful music.  Our dedication and ability to move the crowd, bridges generations, and is bringing all walks of life together.  Our band preserves and celebrates the relationship between live musicians and their audience.     
     The Master Plan are ground shaking veterans, who have a minimum of 30 years performing experience.  Starting in 1999, we toured the USA as members of P-Funk and The Talking Heads own Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors!  
     The "M.P.'s" have also had the pleasure of working with other great artists such as, George Clinton, MIA, EPMD, Grandmaster Caz, and Scarlet.  Since our inception, positive energy and professionalism has been our priority.     
     The band's center and lead vocalist, R.A.W. commands attention.  Her tone, power, and "RAW" soul bring people to their feet.  The rhythm section is uncontested.  Donna McPhearson effortlessly holds down the low end, Michael "Moon" Reuben's proficiency on the guitar spans all genres of music, plus the hard hitting, infectious grooves of Wuba Mac on the drums; this rhythm section is nothing short of greatness.
     From Joni Mitchell to P-Funk, Jimi Hendrix to Audioslave, R.A.W. & The Master Plan is reinventing the classics and at the same time, introducing a new original sound.  Our band is as versatile as our repertoire, and is suited for any and all venues.